EDZO discusses his vision of the future for the IAFF

As General President, I will implement a reform agenda that brings complete transparency and accountability of OUR IAFF to the membership. We are here to represent you. It’s in our mission, and its something we have drifted from for far too long.

We do a lot FOR our members. We don’t do enough LISTENING to our members. As your next General President, I will:

Commit to complete fiscal transparency. Ensure that the General Secretary-Treasurer’s Office and the Board of Trustees have the tools and resources needed to assure the IAFF’s financials’ proper oversight. For far too long, the General President’s Office has trespassed in financial oversight that should be handled by our elected General Secretary-Treasurer and Board of Trustees.

Introduce a transparent process for all political contributions and endorsements. Your dues money and your PAC contributions will equal your voice in our political future.

Re-empower the IAFF Executive Board. The E-Board should be serving the general membership and not the General President.

During my first 90 days as General President, I commit to produce a report on the effectiveness and cost of all lAFF programs and practices. We need to provide a consistent high level of service to our members while living within our financial means.

Speak directly to our members in firehouses and fire halls across

U.S. and Canada Implement regular telephone and video town halls with each region of the IAFF. All members will be welcome to ask questions, voice their ideas and concerns, and listen to the latest information coming out from the IAFF.

Be You, Be Strong, Be Firefighters