Ready to Lead on DAY ONE

I am the only candidate in this race #ReadyToLead as your next General President of #OurIAFF on DAY ONE. I have proven leadership as your GST, and I’m ready to hit theground running. We will secure meetings on DAY ONE with the Biden-Harris administration and our Congressional leaders to reaffirm #OurIAFF priorities. On DAY ONE, we will continue our already established relationships with the Trudeau administration and Parliament leadership. As the only candidate in this race with four years of experience in how #OurIAFF operates, I am #ReadyToLead as your General President on DAY ONE.

In My First 90 Days

  • Issue a report on the effectiveness and budget review of all IAFF programs, services, projects and practices. We will continue to provide high level services to our members, while living within our financial means.
  • Review all vendor contracts. We will report on vendor contracts to ensure we are paying fair market value for our goods and services. We will establish an open, transparent, and competitive vendor process to spend your dues efficiently and with ethical practices.
  • Review our fire service industry relationships. Holding our fire service industry manufacturers, distributors and service providers accountable. Our priority will be the health and safety of our members – not vendor and advertising revenue from the industry.
  • Review YOUR political process. We will issue recommendations to establish a membership driven process through education & technology to establish YOUR voice in OurIAFF political endorsements.

EDZO, Ready to lead